Guardian Western Lot, Grounds and Building Services

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Trust Guardian Western to provide the support you need , even when you're not around.

Fresno and Central California commercial property and apartment complex owners come to Guardian Western for parking lot sweeping and maintenance, day porter services, steam cleaning and haul-away services.  Our Operators are radio dispatched for prompt response. With our quiet hydraulic driven sweepers we will not disturb your neighbors.

Our Fleet- Guardian Western has one of the largest radio dispatched fleets in the Central Valley.
Our Reliability- Our GPS equipped sweepers insure that we are in the right place at the right time
Our Low Prices- Our efficient and modern equipment keeps costs down and service high.
Our Extra Value- Regularly scheduled work is inspected by supervisors, who also find quick and efficient solutions to potential problems.
Our Community Commitment- Guardian Western has a number of plans for distressed properties. We offer tiered services, staged sweeping and special pricing.

Guardian Western, Inc. was established in 1968 by owner and founder Homer Williams, serving California's Central Valley. Guardian Western continues to develop and maintain outstanding relationships with our customers, employees and our local communities.

Guardian Western is now reaching out to other trusted local companies to provide even more building maintenance, cleaning and landscaping services for the Central Valley. We have recently teamed up with ACLS Landscape Service and endorse their quality commercial landscape, plant, tree, and lawn services.